Top 10 Tips to be a Successful Hawaii Real Estate Agent

Last Thursday evening, we gathered as usual for our weekly training sessions in the Hawaii Life Princeville office, a group normally consisting of both newly budding agents mixed with some well-seasoned ones who share their wealth of knowledge. However, this week we had an extra special “top-producing mystery agent” talk story with us…the beautiful, fabulously talented Roni Marley!

Words of Wisdom From Special Agent Roni Marley

After rolling out the red carpet and popping the champagne bottles, we sat down and had an eye-opening, heart-to-heart discussion of what Roni’s personal tactics and overall approach to real estate are that has helped her become so successful in such a relatively short period of time. Although she is very humble about receiving any glory, her thoughts and ideas were very useful, and I have summed them up below into 10 main topics.

1. Keep it Real

Try to connect with everyone on a personal level. Find something, or some area of your lives, that are similar, so you can relate to them in another way besides the “sale.” Let them see the real side of you that they can not only trust, but they can also glimpse a peek into what the Hawaii lifestyle is really like, because that is what many buyers want to experience.

2. Listen to What They Say, And Run With That

As Matt says…two ears, one mouth. Listen first. Then when you hear them expressing their interests or their hang-ups and fears, you can run with those exact things. Listen to them visualize their dream, and you can help them paint it.

3. Be Intuitive

Follow your gut instinct, especially when it comes to learning how to read people. Otherwise, it can be easy to pour your time and energy into people who never actually buy, or are not yet qualified financially. It is important to be able to address these issues early on in a clear but tactful way.

4. Treat Little People Like Big People

Never turn your nose up at any deal, even the little ones. People are people, with real feelings, dreams, lives, etc., and it is important to always treat people accordingly, regardless of if they are writing a $5 dollar check or a $50 million dollar check. It all means something, and is part of a bigger picture.

5. Answer Calls Even When Inconvenient

Of course, everyone has to set certain boundaries when it comes to personal, family, and vacation time. However, it often comes at a sacrifice if you choose to miss calls and let voicemail pick up. If they don’t get a live person on the phone, many people will just hang up and call someone else who can help them. Be careful to ensure you are available (even if you have to show up in your stinky running clothes for a last minute showing!).

6. Be the Source of the Source

This is not to say you don’t need to know your stuff. In fact, quite the contrary. Know everything you can especially about the subject property, but do not say you know something if you don’t. It is better to let the client do their own homework and call the county for those permit questions. You do not have to be an expert on mortgages, taxes, building issues, etc. Instead, send them the links or contact info of the relevant offices, and take the liability off yourself (and your brokers).

7. Specialize in Areas that Interest You

When you specialize in a geographic area, or in a specific kind of clientele, most likely you will continue to attract them. Roni likes specializing in cash buyers 🙂 Ha! Don’t we all!! But when you do specialize, other people will begin to send people to you for that particular thing/area. And you ideally choose something that actually interests you, so you can enjoy your work.

8. Everything You Do Leads to Referrals

Remember #4 above? Treat everyone the same, for all those “little” people you took care of will also send you referrals. Everything you do plants a seed, and your interactions with others will often lead to future referral clients.

9. It’s Not Work If You Love It

When asked how many hours a week she works, Roni just laughed. (What is so funny? That scared me!) But seriously, she said it does not always feel like work because she really loves it, and it was evident in the sparkle that she exudes. I have known Roni for a long time, and she always sparkles, because she puts her heart into everything she does. Of course, she is successful at real estate!

10. “The Secret” (Watch it, Read it)

Yes, it is true. You can manifest your own abundance and success, but you have to truly believe it and trust it, in both heart and mind.

Mahalo, Roni, for keeping it real and sharing with us.

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Shaylyn Kimura, R(S)

June 24, 2012

Cate, this was an awesome opportunity for us, no doubt! I truly admire Roni’s work ethic and authenticity. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful mentor in our Hawaii Life ‘ohana!

Shaylyn Kimura, R(S)

June 24, 2012

Cate, this was an awesome opportunity for us, no doubt! I truly admire Roni’s work ethic and authenticity. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful mentor in our Hawaii Life ‘ohana!

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