Repacking Your Bags

Have you read the book, “Repacking Your Bags”? It’s a great book and has been revised at least a couple of times since its original conception in the early ’90s. Written by Richard J. Leider and David A. Shapiro, it’s a book about climbing out from under your burdens and lightening your load so that you can enjoy your life.

Packing Up and Moving

Do you wonder what a book about lightening your load and finding fulfillment has to do with real estate? I think if you read it, you’ll see a connection. For example, what do you do when you move? You pack. You take a long hard look at your possessions and you decide what’s worth bringing along with you. Are your things weighing you down? Do they serve a purpose? Are they necessary? Will they fit into your new home? Have you ever packed and then decided you needed to re-pack because you didn’t get it quite right? Why? Because packing causes us to re-think things. Just like we “re-pack” our stuff at times, we also “repack” our lives — at least to some degree. We also unpack. In a sense, unpacking causes us to see things differently; to ask new questions. It takes some serious unpacking at times to move forward.

Rearranging Our Priorities

In the book, “repacking” is defined as the ongoing and continuous activity of reflection and choice. It’s about rearranging our priorities and our vision. Hmmmm……sounds a bit like something we do when we decide to move.  Moving often brings into question our priorities. Our values. What is really important and why? Of course, moving is a one time event, while repacking is a lifelong process. Admittedly, buying a home and moving may not be what the authors had in mind when they wrote the book, but I do think there are some parallels.

Envisioning a Different Future

When we decide to move, aren’t we envisioning something different? Better? Or, at the very least, something necessary to achieve a better outcome later? In the book, the good life is explained as “living in the place you belong, with the people you love, doing the right work, on purpose.” Wow!

Repacking is a Journey

As Realtors, we can’t help you define your gifts, passions, and values. That’s up to you. Your purpose is your purpose, and repacking your life is your journey. But, we can help you with a move. A move that might ultimately move you toward a better life. A good life. Toward a place where you belong.

Finding a Place You Belong

No matter where you are on the journey, the reality is that we have all experienced major shifts in life, especially as of late. Many of us feel worn out and overwhelmed. Countless changes have occurred over the last 18 months and many more since “Repacking Your Bags” was initially written. But, one thing remains the same — living in a place where you belong with the people you love is indeed the good life! Let us help you find it.

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