Moving To Hawaii

Moving To Hawaii

One of the biggest questions I get when meeting someone new is you actually live in Hawaiʻi?  Most people think that the cost of living is so high in Hawaiʻi how could you actually live there?  It is true that some expenses are higher, but when you have lived in other big cities such as Miami, Chicago, New York or San Diego you realize the cost of living is not as high as one might think.  If you actually put pen to paper you can see that some costs are higher, some are in line and others are actually less expensive.  For example, a traditional great day in Hawaii might start off with a local hike and a day at the beach.  Short of sunscreen and bottled water the actual cost is zero.  Calculate a day of skiing in Colorado for a family of four and you can spend hundreds in a day.  The cost of gas is actual in line currently with most mainland states.  We have some traffic issues in the state but the actual distance traveled on an island in miles is much less then say LA.  The home prices can certainly be a tad on the high side and the homes smaller but what price can you put on wearing shorts, t-shirts and slippers daily?  There is something to be said for green grass, beautiful flowers and a very consistent weather temperature on the daily.   On Oahu, we have the same big box retailers that are found on the mainland, shipping companies that send things daily and all the conveniences of the mainland.  I would say the largest obstacle is not the costs, but the actual distance from the mainland.  If you have family or friends on the East Coast jumping on a plane and getting there quickly is not really an option.  The flip side of that coin is I have not really heard to many people complain about having a place to stay for free in Hawaiʻi when they come visit.

So the biggest question is not really you live in Hawaiʻi, but actually why wouldn’t you live in Hawaiʻi if you can?  Depending on your job and skills, there is more then likely an employer looking to hire.  Ever come across a great concept or idea that is on the mainland?  Why not research and see if this is something that is viable for the state.  We are seeing more and more mainland concepts coming to the island daily.  Certainly someone had to take the initiative and they are reaping the benefits.  There is definitely a spot for well qualified job applicants and entrepreneur’s in Hawaiʻi.  The cost of housing ranges from studios in Waianae for $125K to ocean front homes in Kailua for $8.5M.  Certainly there is something that fits your budget housing wise.

As someone that has moved numerous times in the past I can certainly tell you how to make a Hawaii Life a reality.

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