Mililani High School – Ranked One of the Top Public High Schools in Hawaii

As a Mililani High School alumni, I can personally say that I have amazing memories attending Mililani High School.  I have met great teachers, awesome friends, and have experienced lessons and learned skills that I still use today that serve as a foundation to help me succeed in life.

Even the US News considers Mililani High School the 2 best school in Hawaii. They offer many academic programs to help students prepare for their futures including JROTC, early college opportunities, and honors and Advanced Placement (AP) programs. I took advantage of these programs, and I am so thankful for them! During my senior year, the high school helped me enroll in an English community college class. I was lucky to earn college credit and, more importantly, get a better idea of the new college classroom environment. I took AP psychology and biology courses in my junior and senior years, and my teachers were really knowledgeable and made learning the content a lot easier and fun than normal college lectures. Looking back, these programs actually helped me seamlessly adapt to college. Obtaining these general education credits in high school also helped me graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in 4 years, and let me lighten my workload without added stress.

Mililani High School also offers a wide range of sports and after-school clubs. With such a large student body, there is something for everyone, and your children will create long lasting friendships if they choose to join any of these fantastic groups. For me, joining the high school bowling team has given me my most cherished memories of high school.

Please visit the Mililani High School website for tons of great information!

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I buy a home in the 96789 zip code, is my child eligible to attend Mililani High School?

As of July 2017, Mililani High School does not accept those living in Launani Valley and parts of Waikalani Woodlands. This is stated in the Enrollment Registration (see handbook here).

If you are ever wondering what school your child will be required to attend, based on where you live, please visit the Department of Education website for the most up-to-date information.

Can I get a Geographic Exception (GE) to attend Mililani High School?

Mililani High School does occasionally grant geographic exceptions– which simply means that if you do not live in Mililani High School’s designated area, then you, as a parent/guardian, may be able to get permission for your child to attend your desired school. Steps to getting more information about submitting and application and the whole process can be found here.

Here are some factors that the Hawaii Department of Education takes into consideration:

  • Authorized Physical Residence: In cases where the child’s physical residence lies within the geographic service area boundary of the school (i.e. non-custody residence).
  • Child of School Staff Member: The school staff member may apply for a GE so that the child may attend the same location where the parent is employed.
  • Sibling of a Child Attending Same School: Parents may apply for additional children who become eligible to attend the same school as their currently GE-approved child. The currently GE-approved child must continue to be a student at the same school for the next school year.
  • Program of Study: Parents may wish for their child to attend a special program of study not offered at their home school. This type of approval needs to be determined by a receiving school administrator. Space availability is not an automatic qualification for approval but should be weighed against the child’s academic and social needs.

In addition to the Hawaii Department of Education, feel free to speak to the Mililani High School administration office for more guidance.

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