How to Sell Your Oahu Home When It Failed to Sell the First Time (Part One)

Hello, it’s Rein again, and I wanted to share my particular real estate niche with you today. I specialize in helping people who may be frustrated and even a little angry that their home didn’t sell.

Many of my clients have gone through exactly what you are experiencing the first time around. The good news is that with a few “insider secrets” I was able to help get their homes sold – and for top dollar. A few of these clients have now asked me to put my “insider” tips down on paper.

For this reason, I put together this special “insiders” report on how to sell your home when it failed to sell the first time! The report is the culmination of my experience in working to successfully position, market, and sell listings.

As an expired or withdrawn listing, you may be being bombarded by agents who are offering you more of what didn’t work. I can assure you that my free report can be very helpful when you’re ready to sell your home. This complete report is provided as a courtesy for those that email me at Today’s blog will give you some of the information as a starter.

Try Not to Have “Seller Frustration”

If you have been frustrated or maybe even a little angry because your home failed to sell the first time around, you are not alone. My report will help explain why your home was rejected by the market place, and exactly what steps you can take to put your home in a position to sell immediately!

As a real estate professional, I care deeply about my clients. In fact that is the reason I have written this exciting new report. You see, I have had many clients, just like you, who have been upset and extremely disappointed that their home did not sell the first time it was listed.

You may be surprised to learn that, as a national statistic, this happens to almost half of all the sellers that list their homes for sale with a real estate agent. Yes, you read it right, almost half the time agents simply fail to get their listings sold!

That’s why my clients were so relieved and excited when I could show them exactly the reasons why their home may not have sold the first time, but more importantly, how they could almost positively be sure to sell the next time. I can’t tell you how many sellers have thanked me when they learned the truth behind selling their home.

After successfully closing many transactions with previously expired listings and listings that had been rejected by the entire market, I’m here to tell you that your home can sell. So, try not to have “seller frustration” because there are ways to sell your home even if it failed to sell when you first brought it to market.

What Gets a Home Sold?

Selling a home is daunting task. For most homeowners it is the largest single asset that they own, so selling a home can be an emotional experience, even a roller coaster of sorts, with lots of excitement, and big dips of disappointment.

Many sellers begin to think of selling a home as being extremely complex, and some even begin to think of the process as really nothing more than blind luck. They may begin hoping for that one cash buyer from out of state, or that one recent lottery winner. For most sellers, this wishful thinking does not get their home sold. So what will?

The first task in unraveling the secrets to selling is understanding that selling is really fairly simple. Yes, the mechanics of contracts and disclosure can be complex, and it is always wise to seek the counsel of professional real estate agent or attorney, but the actual process of finding a buyer is not as complicated and mysterious as some would have you believe.

Today, we’ll start our basic discussion of what you will learn to call the Three P’s: Price, Product and Promotion!! These three components will help you sell your home and understand what is needed to get the job done. To understand more about what gets a home sold in today’s market, keep on reading.

The First of the Three P’s: Price

To break the marketing process down let’s explore the three P’s to selling a home. Imagine in your mind a three legged stool:

As you can see here, the three legs are represented by Price, Product, and Promotion

Question: What would happen if one of the legs of this stool were missing? To answer my question – The stool would no doubt fall over. Every seller’s ability to sell their home rests squarely on top of the three legged stool pictured above. If one of the stool’s legs is missing, or even just out of alignment, the ability of any homeowner to sell their home will collapse like a house of cards.

Let’s look at each of the legs in order of importance. Can you guess which of the table legs is the most important aspect of selling any home? If you guessed the price, you are correct.

There is no mystery to proper pricing and it does not take a crystal ball!!

Many real estate agents in a rush to take a listing will fall victim to over pricing. Often this is done to impress the seller or to “outbid” a competing real estate agent, but in the end, all the parties suffer from the agent’s weakness to correctly counsel his own client.

How can you choose the right price and still make sure you receive a fair price?

First, understand that all prices are market driven – not seller driven, agent driven, or even buyer driven. This means that competition and the free market system will ultimately decide what your home is worth or not worth.

You must balance your price with the true value of your home!!

To correctly price a property you must first look at the home from the unemotional stand point of the market. The market is the collection of all the buyers and sellers competing for each other within any area. What should you be looking at when you study the market?

To get the answer to the Pricing Secret call or email me for the complete report, or tune in later this week for my next blog that tells everything you need to know about the price/a>. For one of the secrets you can also visit my website on staging.

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