District 19: Kaimuki, Kahala and Waialae Iki (Oahu)

Growing up here on Oahu, I had no idea what district I live in. We all refer to areas by neighborhoods, often the same neighborhoods we refer to in MLS. It wasn’t until recently that I had a client that was looking for a home in the Waialae Charter School District that I stumbled upon this informative video by our local State Representative Barbara Marumoto.

Representative Barbara Marumoto on District 19

Representative Marumoto had a lot of great insights and information on the various public schools throughout our district. It’s a great resource for those considering a move to the neighborhoods of Kahala, Kaimuki and Waialae Iki.

Public Parks of District 19

All three neighborhoods also have great public parks. In addition to the public infrastructure discussed in the video, Kahala and Kaimuki also boast some great shops and restaurants.

Public Park in Kahala with Diamond Head in the background

The park above is one adjacent to where I went to preschool as a child. Although, I am horrible at baseball, it’s also where I played for a summer when I was younger. This is just one of many public parks throughout District 19. I know I love living in the District and having someone that cares so much about it as much as Rep. Marumoto makes me feel even better. To learn more about real estate in the District, feel free to contact me or stop by our local office in Kahala.

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