7 Reasons You’ll Like Me (A Buyer’s Perspective on Choosing a Realtor)

Most people are lost when it comes to choosing a Realtor. And, frankly, it’s hard to know what makes a good one. Our industry is not selective enough. A typical real estate company will advertise their agents’ headshots underscored with an alphabet soup of certifications that mean nothing to anyone outside the industry, and maybe capped off with a “top producer” label. You’re supposed to pick one from the Glamour shot line up, and you’ll often end up doing so on looks alone.

Hiking Lanikai Pillbox Trail

Hiking Lanikai Pillbox Trail

What you really want to know, though, is are you going to like me, and can you trust me? Is riding around in the car with me for hours going to be a miserable experience? Am I going to turn on the greasy sales pitch from minute one and not let up until you’ve signed on the dotted line? Am I going to sigh heavily as you wrestle your toddler into the car seat for the 15th time? Am I going to be late, disorganized, or dumb? Am I going to ask you what you’re looking for and then show you something completely different?

At Hawaii Life, being authentic is most important, so I wouldn’t tell you I’m a great match for every client. But if these things matter to you, we’re likely to work well together.

1. I get along with most everyone, but people who like me best tend to be more analytical and direct, because that’s how I am. I like to share knowledge, so I enjoy teaching first time buyers about buying a home. I’m also good at helping emotionally driven people sort out their conflicting feelings because I’m very pragmatic. I am often the neutral party and guide to compromise when a husband and wife have different priorities.

2. I listen. When we meet, the first thing I do is ask you to tell me what you want and why. I take notes and think about what you’re saying. And when you’re finished, I respond thoughtfully with helpful insights so we can do great work together. It’s so much more pleasant for everyone if I actually give you what you need!

Koko Craters

Koko Craters

3. The awkward first car ride…I’ve lived a lot of places and tried a lot of things. We can talk about real estate, of course, but we can also talk about hometowns, hiking, restaurants, theater, beaches, farming, military, travel, and if you want to teach me about what you’re into, I’ll happily listen because I love information.

4. I have kids and I’ll do my best to help you with yours. I remember what it’s like when they’re tired, cranky, messy, smelly, and hungry. And I remember the exhaustion that goes along with a move, and how you feel responsible for their happiness when the dust settles. When kids are along, I try to entertain them so you’re free to look around and have some space to think about what you’re seeing.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park

5. I’m the friend people call when they don’t know what to do, and the one they can count on to show up, in all ways. Cool in crisis, always with a plan, and totally straight with you. I represent your interests loyally throughout the process. And if you’re about to get in too deep, I’ll tell you! Because…

6. It’s about YOU. I want you to be happy and feel good about your decision. Yes, I want to earn an income, and I don’t want to run around for months looking for unicorns, but if you’re going to buy a home, I’ll help you get the best fit.

7. If you’re in the military, know that I speak the language. I was in your boots once, too. Trust me, I get it.

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