Are You an Entrepreneurial Boomer?

Are you a member of the baby boom generation? If you are, what kind of boomer are you? That may sound like a silly question, but one size does not fit all. Today, I would like to address what we call “Entrepreneurial Boomers.”

What is an “Entrepreneurial Boomer?”

Entrepreneurial Boomers are seniors who are not ready to relax! If you are an Entrepreneurial Boomer, you’ll want to pour your energy into growing a new career, a start-up company, a philanthropic initiative, or perhaps a new hobby. Whatever you do, your new endeavor will likely be vastly different from your past career. That’s half the fun of it. After all, different is good. Exciting. Challenging. Entrepreneurial Boomers thrive on challenge, growth, and new opportunities.

Multi-Functional Spaces

When it comes to housing, Entrepreneurial Boomers may want to create space in their homes for an office, a hobby room, or workshop. Some Entrepreneurial Boomers even convert their garages into multi-functional spaces for those creative ideas and business projects. If you are an Entrepreneurial Boomer, you are passionate about your future and you want to use your gifts, and your talents in fun and new ways. You’re not afraid to work hard, but you’ll want to do it on your own terms. And why not? You’ve earned it and now it is your time to soar!

I love seniors who fit into this category. You inspire me with your vision, energy, and passion. Though retirement and settling down may be the right choice for many boomers, you are just not ready. In fact, you may have been waiting all of your life to do what truly makes your heart happy. Your entrepreneurial spirit is coming alive and it’s exciting.

Change Up Your Home

It’s also very cool to be part of the process when my entrepreneurial clients decide to change things up at home in order to maximize their potential and to fulfill their dreams. It may be a simple tweak, like a home office, but it might also mean a major move. A move that will free up funds for that new venture. Or, one that will free up time. With less maintenance and housework comes time to pour into that new passion. And passion is something Uptown Boomers have plenty of.

Pay it Forward

If you are an Entrepreneurial Boomer, you may be re-focusing your time and energy on new ventures, but you will also make sure that whatever you do will benefit others. You like to engage people in the process and you are big believers in doing things that have societal benefits. You believe in paying it forward and that is inspiring. Inspiring indeed!

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