Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction

Quantum physics can affect your life dramatically when applied, and new findings from quantum physicists are changing the way we view our lives. The benefits are living a life of joy and bliss in every moment. You cannot change the past, but you can change your reaction to it. Most of us are continually reacting to the past and projecting it into our present and future. The result is that our relationships, our bodies, our work, and entire life are affected by our past experiences, often in a negative way. Since the body is the tool of the emotions, it demonstrates to us on a moment-by-moment basis how we feel in response to our life experience.

Most of us ignore those feelings, react to them unconsciously, or try to figure them out from the level of the mind.

Feeling good is all that matters because all matter is made from what you feel. — Merlin’s Message


What you see in your mind creates feelings, and those feelings send an emotional frequency signal. That signal goes out through you, and magnetically pulls to you things that match your signal … because of the most powerful Law in the Universe – the Law of Attraction (magnetism). What you put out through your thoughts echoes and reverberates back to the sender, much like a radio signal! Your mind is literally a transmitting and receiving mechanism. You can only receive the frequency that you are tuned into by Law of Attraction.

When you are tuned into a thought, you emit a signal or frequency, and that is what you receive and experience. So always keep that in mind, and think strong, graciously, and positively. Usually, we cannot change what has happened. But we can change our reaction to it. When we do so, we change our relationship to the situation. Where before we would have thought that we were a victim to a problem, now everywhere we look, we see an opportunity to learn something new or do something good for ourselves or someone else. Employing this skill is called surrender, and realizing this truth in every situation is an expression of the enlightened person.

Satori is proposing to you that you change or switch the station that is broadcasting in your mind if it does not make you feel good. When you do this, you will begin to see more of your dreams and desires come true, and your anxieties and problems naturally float away. Why? Because you will start to receive the good energy that you are transmitting. To your best degree, be present and aware of what you are doing and notice whether you are just acting out past patterns without consideration.

Learn to become conscious of when the past gets projected into the future because when that happens, you are not fully aware. This is how the analogy of ‘awakening’ comes about. To some degree, all of us are asleep until we realize how to recognize when patterns are determining our actions and reactions. The truth is that almost anything can be positive or negative, depending on how you decide to perceive the situation. Often things are not as they seem and that which seemed hard was the most important for development, and that which was easy had a hidden cost.

Be free and flowing with all your emotions as they arise. All authentic emotions that arise in the present moment are correct. Allow them to flow and let it go. Rise above your emotions.

The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self. — Albert Einstein


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One Life!

Satori Ebedes
Realtor (S)

About the Author

Satori Ebedes

Satori Ebedes is a REALTOR Salesperson with Hawai'i Life. Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible. Satori understands that real estate is more than just a transaction, it’s a life changing experience here in Hawaii. She takes great pride in the relationships she builds and always works persistently on clients behalf to assist them achieve their real estate goals through her exceptional and personalized service. With two decades of experience, Satori specialized in the high end luxury real estate market in South Florida, property management and vacation rentals. Satori migrated west from South Africa over 20 year ago to South Florida, through Sedona and ultimately settled down on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she fell in love with the “Aloha Spirit”. She has also travelled to over 15 countries and brings a global perspective that guides her to unite the gap in the diverse real estate market in Hawaii. On her journey she has discovered how important it is to bridge a healthy lifestyle by living in a beautiful environment. Satori is focused on luxury lifestyle properties and her motto is “One Life”. You can email me at or via phone at (808) 333-2127.

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Marcel D

July 18, 2019

Did you just finish watching “The Secret”?
It all works!


July 18, 2019

Thanks for the Love

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