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Aloha Friends, 

I would like to share some information on the recent new developments around the Waikoloa Village area on Big Island. I am sure as you drive around you can see the new infrastructures at play. These is exciting times as we are in need of new homes and developments. I would like to thank Michael Konowicz for his amazing help in sharing this information.

The following map shows the new developments that are going up and what’s going on in terms of the project’s approval.

Green means approved, yellow means pending, orange is concept forward but not yet approved, and red, the project is not approved.

kona big island development map


The newly built Waikoloa Plaza Shopping Center is a positive step in expanding the growth of the populating. Within the Plaza property there are the  “Waikoloa Loft” apartments that are considered “workforce” housing set at market rates. Across the street from it is the Kaiaulu O Waikoloa affordable rental apartments; it’s quite amazing how quickly they went up!

-Also going up quickly is the Waikoloa Family Affordable project near Paniolo Greens.

-The Leeward Planning Committee recently approved the Waikoloa Beach Resort expansion project, Kumu Hou, which adds 142 workforce apartment rentals, 900 timeshares, 25 ultra luxury homes, and gives HGVC another 264 units to build out around Kings Land.

-Ainamalu is still approved to build out another 272 luxury homes, although the development may take a bit longer to take off.

-LuLana Gardens at Aina Lea should be moving soon, with another 432 townhomes available for rent or purchase by income-qualified people. This will be a substantial affordable housing project in the area.

-LuLana Gardens is part of the broader ‘Aina Le’a project which has some setbacks before it is officially approved. Things look brighter for the project now than it did this time last year, and it’s still not set in stone. They hope to put in 1,500 homes and a new golf course over the next 10-15 years.

-Sunset Ridge is getting ready to sell the next phase in Waikoloa Village near Hulu St. Those will likely sell in the low $1millions.

-KeOlalani construction is well underway by the Skate Park, Kilohana Kai; their plan is to build out more than 2,400 homes over the next 10 years, with the first 100 and a clubhouse, pool built within the year. That is by far the largest approved subdivision in the area which will radically alters Waikoloa Village.

-The county put out RFP in the fall to build out 120 affordable townhomes in Kamakoa Nui by the Skate Park. If Kamakoa ever gets fully built out, there’s room for about 1,000 additional affordable homes around there.

-There was an open community meeting to discuss the Waikoloa Village Center concept which would be below the firehouse and next to the Dry Forest off Waikoloa Road. That project includes 200 affordable rental apartments and some commercial / light industrial. They’re still at the concept/community conversation phase and I suspect it’ll take a while for anything to happen with it.

-The Waikoloa Highlands project was not approved by the county and the residential lots reverted back to ag lots. This is what you pass above the Village on the right as you drive up Waikoloa Road. It will take a very long time, if at all, to build residential in that area.

-There are other construction projects on the books, including approved ages ago by the county, that aren’t showing any signs of activity. So while it looks like this map is busy, it does have the potential to even become busier.

-In less than 10 years, I suspect Waikoloa Road may be one of the busier highways on the island between the Village and the Beach. And the Paniolo, Waikoloa Road intersection may probably rank in the top 10 busiest intersections on the island, even factoring the highways in Hilo and Kona.

If anyone has newer updates or corrections to make, you are welcome to share.

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Satori Ebedes

Satori Ebedes is a REALTOR Salesperson with Hawai'i Life. Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible. Satori understands that real estate is more than just a transaction, it’s a life changing experience here in Hawaii. She takes great pride in the relationships she builds and always works persistently on clients behalf to assist them achieve their real estate goals through her exceptional and personalized service. With two decades of experience, Satori specialized in the high end luxury real estate market in South Florida, property management and vacation rentals. Satori migrated west from South Africa over 20 year ago to South Florida, through Sedona and ultimately settled down on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she fell in love with the “Aloha Spirit”. She has also travelled to over 15 countries and brings a global perspective that guides her to unite the gap in the diverse real estate market in Hawaii. On her journey she has discovered how important it is to bridge a healthy lifestyle by living in a beautiful environment. Satori is focused on luxury lifestyle properties and her motto is “One Life”. You can email me at or via phone at (808) 333-2127.

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Larry Armstrong

January 15, 2022

I think I like Satori and her philosophy. I am searching many places to help my lovely daughter Jolene and grandkids find a home in a warmer clime. My daughter is a University Prof holding a Ph.D. and former President of the Faculty. She can work from pretty much any location on the planet since she is at one of the biggest international distance education Universities known as “Athabasca University”. She and kids have been to Hawaii many times as she has presented and attended numerous events, mainly on Oahu. In any event, she would like a 3Bdrm, 3-4 Bth and approx. 2,000 sq ft modern home with office space and near to some good Elementary/Secondary Schools. That is for starters, and will provide more … She can qualify/afford approx., $600K. Anything on your list? Sincerely, Larry W. Armstrong (for Jolene Armstrong)

Julie Ziemelis

February 2, 2022

Thank you for compiling all this great info about Waikoloa Village and the developments going on now and into the future. People are asking us down here in Kailua Kona about new large tracts of more homes and there just isn’t anything on the horizon. I let them know that Waikoloa Village will be the next place to look for more housing. Appreciate the work you put into this!

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